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    Liangshan JiFu Steel Pipe CO.,LTD is located in scenic Liangshan, is famous for place of master work 《Water Margin》,also the largest manufacturing base of trailer in the country.Company is west to Jingjiu Railway,east to Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal,National Highway and Beijing-guangzhou high-speed ,geographical position superiorly and convenient transportation.

    We are a professional factory engaged in the manufacture and sale of steel pipe used in trailer, with strong technical power and the advance design concept, company become the first launch high strength、corrosion resistance steel pipe in China.We mainly produces a wide range …




    Strong And Trustworthy Enterprise

  • Liangshan Jifu Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. with good reputation, strong strength, high-quality products, low prices to win the trust of customers.

  • Our tenet is: take the consumer as the goal, take the market as the guidance, the science and technology is always new, the quality is always refined, the service is always sincere.

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    Perfect Detection Management System

  • More than senior ultrasonic testing qualification inspectors

  • Complete physical and chemical performance analysis and test and issue relevant test report

  • Ensure the safety and reliability of all links from raw materials to finished products

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    Customized According To Customer Needs

  • Supply goods strictly according to the quality standards required by customers, and be responsible for the quality to the end.

  • Service tenet: customer first, service first.

  • Brand concept: adhere to the principle of "no one has me, people have me excellent, people excellent I new".